The system provides all the necessary information to attest to Meaningful Use. Smooth Practice has a service where we will handle all the management and guidance and attestation process on your behalf.

5000+ physician users in 50 states are successfully using the EMR and PM.

Clients receive one major and one minor upgrade annually.Technology allows upgrades to happen at off-hours with no down time and no human interference over the internet. Upgrades are included as part of the Monthly Software Support fees.

Smooth Practice IMS does have bi-directional interfaces in place with many lab and hospital systems as well as office equipment such as Spirometry, EKG, Digital Monitoring systems and others.

If you choose the Client/Server deployment then you will need to purchase a server that matches our specifications.  Smooth Practice does provide server and accessory hardware for our clients.

The data is owned by the legal entity that signs up for our service.  The data is yours.

Product.  We have the best all-around system.  I would challenge you to try to find a better solution that can comprehensively do what Smooth IMS can do.

Service.  Unlike many of our competitors, we have a US based team that have worked in an outpatient setting, even our technical support people.  The support and technical teams are very well trained and can in most cases answer the question at the time of the call instead of just giving you a ticket.

Implementation.  A person who has mastered a discipline can look at the most complex situation and know the most optimal way to deal with it.  As an organization we have mastered the discipline of implementation for a medical practice and can do that rapidly and correctly with a minimum effort on your part.

Experience.  Our depth of experience with technology,  medical practice management and our IMS product allows us to configure and support the system with the least amount hassle for your practice.

Value.  The benefit of our system more than outweighs the costs because we do save the physician time, allowing him/her to be either more productive or to have more time with family.  

Yes.  Smoth Practice IMS connects to over 78,000 pharmacies through the Surescripts network to send electronic prescriptions.  It also allows you to send faxes or print out prescriptions. There is not a faster way for the physician to prescribe and send out the prescriptions to pharmacies.

Yes, we do! Smooth Practice Solution’s billing department can handle your full Billing needs or we can provide A La Carte service allowing you to outsource only those services you are having difficulty with in house. Call us for more details at 888-520-1779.

Upon signing a contract with Smooth Practice, we will assign a Project Manager (PM) to your account. The PM will request all the necessary information from your practice and setup the installation and start the configuration changes.  The PM will also be responsible for setting the schedule, setting up training and technical resources and making sure that the project runs on time to “Go Live”.  After “Go Live” we will continue to follow up with you after the initial week and continue to monitor your transition until you are successfully using the desired features of the system.

Our trainers are certified through Smooth Practice and Suitemed and will handle all of the training for your account.  Based upon your practice specialty, size, locations and other needs, the Project Manager will setup the appropriate resource and schedule the training.  The trainings will typically be started online and can be done with staff on multiple computers at different locations.  We are flexible in providing evening and weekend hours to minimize disturbance to your daily schedule.