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About Us

Our Mission statement truly represents our philosophy, “To increase profitability and efficiency of our clients’ medical practice(s) through a customized blend of industry leading software and knowledge-based customer service staff pursuant to the needs of our clients while emphasizing an increase in their staff productivity and streamlined processes.”

Based on knowledge, experience, and vendor relationship, Smooth Practice Solutions is a premiere Health Care Service Provider, with a proven track record of helping businesses put the latest technologies to work for continued success. We can proudly say that we are your 360 degree IT solution provider. We deliver consulting, support and implementation services to companies of all sizes nationwide.

Whether you have a small/midsize/large Business, Group/Solo Clinical Practice or have your own Home Office, our products and services will help you make the right decision for your needs. We specialize in analyzing your practice to determine your unique needs and creating the best possible customize solution to fit your need. We offer our services at a very competitive rate and always work with you to guarantee your satisfaction. We offer the technical expertise to evaluate and implement multiple alternatives in providing a complete solution for your, our clients. Having a diverse knowledge of emerging technologies and a commitment to exceed in customer service, allows us to provide superior services. Our employees are certified and have extensive technology and healthcare expertise to assist you and your staff with superior support.